At Valenti-Held Group, we have all the tools in-house to take a development from inception to completion.    We have expertise to select the size, analysis for feasibility, rezone for best use and apply our “Value Engineering” philosophy to design and build our projects on schedule within budget.  Over several decades, we have developed various residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-family developments.  We currently have three real estate development sites in-progress located in Boone County.

  • Client Testimonial

    Verus Partners appreciates the vast expertise and experience that the Valenti-Held Group brings to our development projects. From site selection assistance to site design and construction, it is important for us to establish and maintain a relationship with an organization such as the Valenti-Held Group to be assured we are working with a firm that is capable of meeting today’s challenges with skill and professionalism.

    Tom Theobald
    Senior Vice President, Regional Partner
    Verus Partners, LLC